Some things will never change

You'll never chase, 
She wont quit chasing you, 
No matter what you do, how you want it,
Some things will never change. 

All you can do now, 
Is to give her her name back,
No matter how much it hurts,
Some things should never change. 

But you know it deep down, 
That you wont quit,
That you just can't loose,
Some things can never change.

You can't walk down that road again,
You can never hold another hand again,
No matter what you did,
Some things, never change.

Only once can you give, 
With all you got, 
When you walk down that aisle,
Under the scorching torch,
A drop of tear, in all its might, 
Will tell you only one thing
Some things will never change. 

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