4 Thoughts

There was this guy who studied with me in high school, once his computer caught a virus. When the anti-virus alerts about the virus became too many, he simply uninstalled the anti-virus.

I was chatting up this girl once, she said she liked to travel, I asked time-travel or space-travel ? She asked me what space-travel was. There was no continuum to that relationship.

A guy who studied with me in college posted in Twitter that he “enjoys being lonely”. The attention whore also had Twitter linked to Facebook to automatically post the same.

I was once listening to “Enjoy yourself, It is later than you think”, and then an old classmate of mine called to tell me that one of our high-school teachers had passed away.

I was once conned into buying dinner for an old lady I saw in a bus stop, who was in tears because she was hungry. I later came to know that she does this every night.

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