I sketch… you paint.

I splatter… you flow.

I write… you compose.

I try to be… you are.

And still… you treat me as an equal. That.

Mumble cunt. 

Mumble cunt. (Adj.) – one who mumbles under their breath instead of saying something out loud. Often used as a term of endearment when fighting with your significant other. Phrase coined by his excellency Sir. Nicholas, The Pennyless Gentleman. 

my comet

you wish upon a star, but you tell your secrets to a comet.

because a star is there forever and a comet is never meant to be.

and here i know he who wished upon a comet,

though he knew he’d never see her again.

a million things and one makes her special, and a fleeting glimpse is one of them.

True Interview Stories #1

[At job interview, me, interviewing]: So, do you have any questions about the job?

Candidate: Yeah, can I have it?

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