There’s one thing you gotta love about being a coder, it teaches you how to think. The more you code, the more rational and linear your thought process becomes. Pretty soon you find yourself applying code optimization techniques to your thought process. Give it a couple of years, one fine evening while you’re sitting in your room, reading a book on Algorithm analysis and you suddenly realize that you can do multivariable calculus in your head. Gotta love that.

 – The rational, linear, no-mistakes, perfect me (c. 2015).

The great thing about writing down your most abstract thoughts is that you get to go back and read it after a few years and wonder how much you’ve changed since then. I no longer love being rational and linear. I love mistakes, failures, the defining imperfections. I have made my peace with irrationally impulsive decisions. I feel that I am filled with an overwhelming sense of self awareness and understanding when I look at you, and I see your imperfections and I realize that I love you for it.


I sketch… you paint.

I splatter… you flow.

I write… you compose.

I try to be… you are.

And still… you treat me as an equal. That.

Mumble cunt. 

Mumble cunt. (Adj.) – one who mumbles under their breath instead of saying something out loud. Often used as a term of endearment when fighting with your significant other. Phrase coined by his excellency Sir. Nicholas, The Pennyless Gentleman. 

my comet

you wish upon a star, but you tell your secrets to a comet.

because a star is there forever and a comet is never meant to be.

and here i know he who wished upon a comet,

though he knew he’d never see her again.

a million things and one makes her special, and a fleeting glimpse is one of them.

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