the future

You and I are so often worried when we don’t know what our future is going to be like. the uncertainty, instead of thrilling us, confuses us.

If it were someone else’s problem, you and I would advise them to look towards the future with hope, we’d ask them to see the invisible, non-existent, silver lining.

However, when it comes to you and I, we panic. We can not move a step further without knowing where we are going, we are afraid of the uncertainty.

But what we fail to notice, or conveniently ignore, is the fact that nothing is certain. How long do you think it would take,  for the perfectly flawless plan you thought you had in your mind, to become the most absurd mistake you ever made.

If that were true, wouldn’t it also be true to conceive that the future we think we have, in love, in life, in everything, isn’t anything more than a cruel joke ?

two faces

I was lying down.I’m highly stressed.

I suppose everyone’s got two very different faces, face as in character. One is what we are, our true nature, and another one is what we aim to be – a self, which I believe, is a projection of our ambition(s). 

If life is a journey from who we are to what we want to be, and if we don’t know who we are since we’re always focused on our destination than our origin. I guess that would be quite a rational explanation as to why one would think they are always misunderstood. Then again, if you put things in perspective, you really are misunderstood, you don’t have the slightest idea as to who you are.

How do we ever find out who we are because we know us only as what we want to be ?

I’m going to lie down again. 

the caricature


Me likey, its supposed to look like me, I sure hope I haven’t fucked it up a lot.

right, wrong and me

“Sometimes, its right to do the wrong thing, and right now is one of those times”

I have numerous blogs. I sign up, then I find that the platform is too “icky” for me, or I get bored by the design or you know, for whatever reasons (including, but not limited to the fact that I’m, in fact, a slacker), I stop blogging after a while, then I delete the blog and start over again. And the quote above is my signature post.

May be I should get rid of it, you know with all the “karma”, “feng shui” trends going on, may be this post is the reason I always end up quitting on blogging.

PS: Its my first time with Posterous, Let’s hope that I don’t fuck this up.

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