Some things will never change

You'll never chase, 
She wont quit chasing you, 
No matter what you do, how you want it,
Some things will never change. 

All you can do now, 
Is to give her her name back,
No matter how much it hurts,
Some things should never change. 

But you know it deep down, 
That you wont quit,
That you just can't loose,
Some things can never change.

You can't walk down that road again,
You can never hold another hand again,
No matter what you did,
Some things, never change.

Only once can you give, 
With all you got, 
When you walk down that aisle,
Under the scorching torch,
A drop of tear, in all its might, 
Will tell you only one thing
Some things will never change. 

Sharing a few nice blogs.

I have this habit of asking my friends to write me long mails, not all friends, just the ones who can write really good, and I should say this, the person who’ll be reading this post first, Su Chhe, is the best at it, Su always writes me great mails every single time I ask of her. 

But sometimes, like right now, when I can’t find anything for a light reading, I just read the old “favorites” posts in Google Reader. I’m sharing a list of RSS feeds you can subscribe to, which I find funny and great for light reading.

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dream girl. literally.

speech-talk-man-woman-say-listen-think1.jpgI’ve been having really weird dreams lately. Normally, I wouldn’t care, but these dreams are leaving a kind of lasting impression on me, and it’s affecting my daily life. 

One night I had this really weird dream, I was with a close friend of mine, at some place I’ve never been to in my life, wherever I was, I knew it was comfortable, she was sitting right next to me, or more like on my lap or leaning very close to me, she had her arms around my neck, and she was looking at me, and she looked very happy, she had a glow around her face, an innocence, an expression, more like a question, I’ve never seen anything like that before, and I looked deep into her eye, I could feel it, I could physically feel the passion, the heat, as I took her face in my hands and kissed her.

I woke up, and I felt “different”, in a good way, in a really, pleasingly, good way. The first thing I did that day was to check out her photos in Facebook, I guess I had an unexplainable urge to see her, and it felt kind of nice. Before I knew it, I was in love with her, I just have to see her all the time, talk to her, be with her, and if I can’t do any of these, I just have to keep thinking about her, and all the classic symptoms as put forth by the poets and artists since time unknown, they’re all there, the more I started thinking about it, the more I realized she is the perfect woman is for me. Until today when I realized I was actually addicted to her in a very unhealthy way, I’m obsessing.

Do I genuinely like her or is it all the lasting effect, like a hangover, of a silly stupid dream? How can I be for sure, when I think about it, she’s just the perfect person, I just like everything about her, she’s spontaneous, she’s smart, she’s fun, she’s classy, she’s optimistic, she’s honest, she’s straight forward, she’s got a fairly good humour sense, I can talk to her for hours on end about anything and not get bored, and I like me when I’m with her, I’m like a whole other person, it’s all good. But why didn’t I notice before? 

Is she or is she not. ?

To my ex-girlfriends,

To the one who went all upset and fought with me when I said “If I learned anything about being in love, I learned it from my parents, still madly in love after all these years”,
No, It doesn’t mean I think you and me are not good enough, it just means they’re awesome. First off, I was just casually talking about my parents, and despite the context, you really should have been just crazy to take offence in a statement like that.

To the one who kicked my bike and called me names when I said “I dont know why I smoke”,
I still don’t know why I smoked, I guess it just felt good, but apparently that wasn’t what you wanted to hear, I’m sorry I didn’t let you try, its a hard habit to get rid of, I know it first hand. FYI, I quit.

To the one who went crazy because I gave a ride to my sister in my bike,
No, I am not really into incest and you didn’t buy me my bike, I brought it while we were going out doesn’t mean you’re the only person who’s allowed to ride with me. For crying out loud, that was my frigging sister.

To the girl who round-house-kicked me when I said I like fat girls too,
No, I really don’t have a thing for fat girls, I just lied because I didn’t want you your fat ass to be upset, I never really cared for how you looked, but I’m telling you, you are incredibly bitchy. 

To the clingy one who had a problem with my being ‘different’ with my friends,
I’m actually happy when I’m with them, I don’t have to pretend. That’s the difference.

To the one who asked Mike Tyson to kill me when I said ‘you weren’t mature enough’,
No, for the last fucking time, I wasn’t talking about your boobs, they’re all good and mature, I was just talking about the way you made a great big scene at the parking lot ATM, in front of God and everybody, because I didn’t invite you to come with me while I took money off my account. 

To the one who told me “don’t act like you are 19”
I was fucking 19 at the time, what else was I gonna do ?

To the one who said “he’s like a brother to me”
That explains why he was describing your tits in colorful details to his friends in the cafeteria, I’m sorry I misunderstood his brotherly love. 

Dedicated to all those mutual friends who asked me “What happened”. 

To the potential girlfriend : Yeah, I’m mean and I do these kind of things. I’m also a geek and I hate shopping. But the rumors about me being a sex god are, infact, true. 

oh the love story

There are these extremely depressing blogs, written by extremely depressing people, the kind you and I would kill at sight, they write about how they met their girl, how they asked her out, how she said no at first and then how that became a “yes” later on, moans and tears, you get the drift? They all go the same way. Most of these poorly written stories also have a happy ending, which is why I’m writing my poorly written love story before the happy ending actually happened. Finally the day has come where I have to make one of those celebrated “love story” posts.

That’s right kids, this elevator is going down.

Like all heterosexual “love stories”, mine is also about a girl, and like all girls in all love stories, she’s so f-ing hot!, may be not to you, but to me, she is, and always will be. She means a lot to me, on several levels. The attraction was so intense that, I had to debate with myself several times about asking her out. You may be wondering why? See, apart from being the hottest chick I know who makes me feel warm all of a sudden on a cold night when I see her name coming up online, she is also one of my best friends, not the kind you say, ‘hey, i’m your best friend’, but the kind you can talk to any odd time, without worrying about being judged, the kind that can take a joke and give two back. Isn’t it only natural if I thought I’d be a little mature this time and decide to stay as just friends ? We all know how my other asking-her-outs went, don’t want this to go down the same way now, do we ?

As it should happen, since otherwise this wouldn’t be a story worth telling, I did ask her out, not once, not twice, atleast a frigging dozen times (well only because she kept saying No). Let me get to the end first, she never said yes, not till today, not till now. So, like all brave soldiers of fucked up love stories, I kept trying. 

And then I stopped trying. Hey! before you start judging me, it was not because I stopped loving her. If you’re wondering, “then why on earth…”, that, my friend, is the story I wanted to tell you in the first place.

One morning, like three-in-the-morning morning,  while I was working, I was feeling so stressed (I have a very stressful job, it involves fighting with werewolves) I thought I’d look at her pics, you know, just like that, for no apparent reason, So I went straight to her facebook album and was, you know, looking at her, thinking how awesome she was, and suddenly, one moment, I knew. ( The ‘one moment’ thing is a necessary ingredient in all “love stories” ), We were meant to be. Like she’d say, we have a hundred reasons for not being together, but at that one moment none of those mattered, I just knew, if its not her, there is no one else, there simply can’t be anyone else, you know that butterflies in the stomach feeling they talk about ? In stories, novels, songs, albums, sex and the city, poems,etc. ? that one.  Now I really don’t have to try, I have this weird hot air bubble life that I live in, that got me convinced that we belong together, the only thing remaining is that she should hear about this and ask me to ‘cut-the-crap’ or May be Taylor Swift can write a song about us while our embrace/kiss fade away on a happy ending slide. 

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