Very meta, much abstract. wow.

Met an old professor of mine today, and while reminiscing about old stuff I asked her how she knew it was me who did a particularly stupid prank and she told me this, “Ofcourse I knew it was you, there was only one student in my class who was smart enough to execute it, yet stupid enough to think that it would work.” ☻

During a job interview, grasping for an analogy, I said that building and extending a software system is like building a house and went on about it like this, “So if the foundation of the house is very strong, then you can build upon it and extend it as you see fit”, and then my interviewer asked me, “So what if at some point, I want a river to run right through the middle of this house”. Without thinking too much about it I said, “Well then, I’ll build a bridge over it.” — True story as to how I got hired. ☻

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