aren’t you hungry ?

Kids, I am gonna tell you something very important today, and I guarantee you its gonna sound incredibly stupid the first time and every subsequent time you hear it, nevertheless, its incredibly true. You know how I’ve often said chicks are like food ? You haven’t heard me say it before ?  Well, then now you know, chicks are like food. 

That’s a theory, sound as any to explain the complexities of, you know….the unexplainable. I developed this theory while I was young and jobless and was cooking and I should tell you, cooking is an incredible…well, aren’t we digressing ?

The first thing about food that you should know – is that we all love it. Sometimes, the hotter the better. The next thing you should know, no matter how awesome it looks (chopped coriander garnishing turns me on, but that’s another story), its not always gonna taste great, quod erat demonstrandum, sometimes hot chicks are only good to look at.

It may so happen that, sometimes, your food may look good, it may taste incredibly good, particularly so with some marinara sauce…well, but it’s not always going to be healthy. For your dumber brains, that means, even if a girl is hot, is great in bed, may not be the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Seriously, if it’s just the great taste, its bound to get boring…eventually, an no amount of sauce is going to..oh well.

So, if you have any gumption, you’ve probably figured out by now that that the girl worth spending your life with, should be like healthy food – no, I am not gonna explain what healthy food means.

So the next time you want to get yourself some food, the first thing you should look for is if it’s healthy food, then if it tastes great, well, good! I’m happy for you, if not, no harm done, its still healthy! And your mom want me to tell you no matter how tasteless your healthy food is, you shouldn’t get some junk food by the side, just for taste, you know what I mean ? No? Well, aren’t you a sorry son of a… “Takeouts!”

So if you’re thinking what if you get some healthy food, that tastes great and looks awesome ? You have nothing to worry about, you’ll never, not in a million years, get there.

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